1st Waterlooville Company

Senior Section

The age range of the Company Section is from 15 to 19 years, with boys usually starting following their 15th birthday.

The Senior section have a lot more say in what activities they do and take part in, as we encourage them to lead and develop projects together or individually.

What do we do?

This age group has its own programme called 'Challenge Plus' based on three areas:

  • Recreation
  • Community
  • Skills
Whereas in Company Section the boys are encouraged to discover, in Seniors we aim to get the boys taking responsibility and challenging them to try new or different things. We try to offer the chance for the boys to take on leadership roles in the company by helping with the younger sections which is then put towards other awards like Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

All the activities go towards earning awards and badges and we encourage the boys to participate in a wider range of awards and qualifications that gives them greater recognition and achievement.

Many of our Senior boys have gone on to gain The Queen's Badge, the BB's highest award, which we are proud of as a company.

What does it cost?

Our subs are £15 per half term. There is a charge for the uniform. This said, we don’t want any child to miss out because of cost, so if you have any concerns about finance please speak to a leader


The Senior uniform consists of a royal blue shirt, tie, navy jumper, belt and hat with polo shirt worn in the summer months and for other activities.

How do I join

Joining is easy. The best way is to come along and see us one Monday and meet the boys and leaders to see what we do.

You can get in contact with us to let us know or if you have any other questions. We will look forward to seeing you.