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Happy Christmas

Posted: 2017-12-25 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We would like to wish all our members, parents, friends and supporters a very Happy Christmas.

Thank you for your support over the last year. We hope you all have a relaxing, fun and enjoyable Christmas.... More

Queen's Man

Posted: 2017-11-21 by Waterlooville BB Admin

On Sunday 12th November, Matthew became the latest Queen's Badge recipient at 1st Waterlooville.

We were delighted to be able to award Matthew his Queen's Badge after over a year of hard work, at a time he was completing his GCSE exams.

... More

World Toilet Day

Posted: 2017-11-20 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We learnt about World Toilet Day this week at BB.

All sections investigated different areas of toilets this Monday at Boys' Brigade. Plenty of toilet humour was contained in the activities but a serio... More

Sainsburys Active Kids Equipment

Posted: 2017-11-20 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Our equipment has arrived!

We were able to take a look at our newly arrived Sainsburys Active Kids sports equipment which will be used in our weekly activities.

Than... More

Remembrance Sunday Parade Service

Posted: 2017-11-09 by Waterlooville BB Admin

This coming Sunday, 12th November 2017 is Remembrance Sunday.

We will be joining with our Church to commemorate the Armistice and remember all those who have given their lives for Freedom in conflict.

D... More

Police Visit Company

Posted: 2017-10-19 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We were delighted to welcome two PCSO officers from Waterlooville Station on Monday 16th October.

Teresa and Rachel spent time with all sections discussing lots of subjects that are impacting young people in our local area.

Conversation l... More

Diary Update

Posted: 2017-09-25 by Waterlooville BB Admin

The Company Diary has been updated.

We have updated the diary page with a number of activities that we will have the opportunity to take part in throughout this y... More

New Year Subscriptions

Posted: 2017-09-11 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We have reluctantly decided to increase our termly subscriptions this year.

Having been unchanged for a number of years we have taken the decision to slightly increase our termly subscriptions to £18 per term starting th... More

Summer Break and 2017-18 Start

Posted: 2017-07-28 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We are currently on summer holidays

We hope everyone has a great summer, gets to enjoy some sunshine which seems to have disappeared now that the children have finished school and is abl... More

Half Term and Summer Session

Posted: 2017-05-25 by Waterlooville BB Admin

This coming Monday, 29th May is a bank holiday and also the start of half term.

There will be no Boys' Brigade this week. When we return after half term we will be in to our summer session and move into polo shirts from Monday 5t... More

Company Section Camp 2018

Posted: 2017-05-25 by Captain

For many years the Company Section boys have enjoyed a weekend or summer camp for their age group.

These camps have not been possible more recently but we feel they are an important and enjoyable part of Boys' Brigade. The planning for next year's p... More

Awards Presentation Evening

Posted: 2017-05-22 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Our Annual Awards Presentation Evening took place on Monday 22nd May as we gathered to celebrate the achievements of the boys this year.

The boys shared a little of what they have been doing during this last 12 months of BB as best as possible in an hour of our awards evening.


Car Wash and Cake Sale

Posted: 2017-05-20 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We held a Car Wash and Cake Sale on Saturday 20th May.

A fantastic morning of frantic car washing took place at Waterlooville Baptist Church to help raise money for the company. Boys from all sections got... More

Juniors Centenary Fun Day

Posted: 2017-05-17 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Our Juniors headed to Emsworth on Saturday 13th May 2017 to the BB in Hants Fun Day.

Joining with over 120 other boys from across the South of England our Junior Section spent the day wearing out their leaders with a range of different... More

Upcoming Events

Posted: 2017-05-07 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Just a reminder that we have a couple of things coming up during May 2017.

It is a busy month for the company as we move towards the summer half term. Before then we have a couple of things we would love to see you at and ap... More

Junior Section Scalextric Challenge

Posted: 2017-04-27 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Monday 24th April was Scalextric Night at BB.

A lot of fun was had as we introduced the inaugural Scalextric night at BB to the Juniors. Using a a twisty challenging but fast track we had a shoot... More

Company and Senior Scalextric Challenge

Posted: 2017-04-27 by Waterlooville BB Admin

As with the Juniors, the Company had their first Scalextric Challenge.

A lot of fun was had as we introduced the inaugural Scalextric night at BB to the Company and Seniors. Using a a twisty challenging but fast track we... More

Waitrose Community Matters

Posted: 2017-04-09 by Waterlooville BB Admin

We have been awarded £281 from Waitrose Community Matters Scheme

We were nominated for Waitrose Community Matters scheme in March and with all the support from local shoppers during the month we have been given &pou... More

Church Garden Project

Posted: 2017-03-28 by Waterlooville BB Admin

The Company Section embarked on a new project this week... to renovate the church garden.

As spring is well and truly in the air the Company Section have started on their new project which will hopefully bring some further brightness and co... More

Shopping Support

Posted: 2017-03-20 by Captain

We are participating in two Supermarket Schemes at the moment.

As previously announced, for the month of March, WAITROSE at Waterlooville has chosen our boys to benefit from their "green token system" for local ch... More

Junior Uni-Hoc Competition - Runners Up

Posted: 2017-03-18 by Waterlooville BB Admin

The Juniors took part in the Battalion Uni-Hoc held at 4th Portsmouth's home today (Saturday).

Some very competitive games saw the host come out on top and our boys secure a very commendable 2nd place for the competition.... More

Juniors 100 Celebrations

Posted: 2017-03-15 by Waterlooville BB Admin

This year is the 100th Anniversary of Juniors in Boys' Brigade.

As part of this there are various activities and celebrations on going through 2017 that we will look to participate in. On Monday 13th March we acce... More

Senior Wood Turning

Posted: 2017-03-14 by Waterlooville BB Admin

The Seniors had a different evening learning how to use a lath to turn wood.

The group learnt how to use the tools to take a square piece of wood and turn into into a unique finished wooden pen to keep and take home.

... More

Waitrose Community Matters March 2017

Posted: 2017-02-27 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Our local Waitrose in Waterlooville have chose us to be part of their Community Matters for March 2017.

This month you will see us as one of three chosen local charities who will be given a share of £1000 based on the number of tokens dropped into ... More

Events Update

Posted: 2017-02-03 by Waterlooville BB Admin

There are a couple of events coming up in the next couple of months.

Coming up on Sunday 12th February we are hosting the Annual Battalion Church Service, we would love to welcome all the b... More

Happy New Year

Posted: 2017-01-01 by Waterlooville BB Admin

Welcome to 2017

We'd like to wish all of our members, friends and supporters a very happy new year. We're looking forward to an enjoyable 2017 with lots of exciting ... More

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