1st Waterlooville Company



Come along and join us and start your adventure in The BB.

Want to join a group of likeminded friends to have fun and adventures together? BB is for you and we are looking forward to meeting you.


What do we do here at 1st Waterlooville? This could be anything. Each week we meet we will have several different things going on ranging from sports and games to craft and cooking with anything in between! The programme is split into four sections depending on your age so you can be sure you are with boys your age and like you.

There are competitions with other BB companies locally and even across the world that we take part in. The BB is a big family of children all with similar ideas, challenges and interests.

Camps, holidays and trips have always been a highlight of the year for Junior and Company Sections where we go away and explore somewhere new together.

We aim to be varied, interesting and above all fun. Hopefully you will learn some new skills, meet new friends and have a great time.


All through your BB journey you will have the opportunity to be recognised for your achievements with different awards. A Junior Gold award could just be one on the way to being the next Queen's Man or Duke of Edinburgh's award holder.